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Horsetail Oil – The Essential Oil for Skin and Hair.

The Skin & Hair Benefits Provided By Horsetail Oil

Also referred to as shave grass, scouring rush and bottlebrush, horsetail is a perennial herb that’s found in the sandy and moist soils of North America, Asia and Europe. Known officially by the latin name Equisetum Arvense, it’s an interesting plant with high levels of bioavailable silicon that’s believed to provide support both for your hair and skin.

Having been in existence for over 100 million years (since the Paleozoic period), horsetail is a plant that grows throughout the year, changing appearance as it does. During the Spring months, it has an asparagus-like green stem, before it withers and browns in the Summer, finally changing back to green, but this time with thin horsetail-like dimensions – hence the distinctive name.

Cutting Horsetail with Scissors
A Rich History of Use

Historically, horsetail has been used by people for centuries as a treatment for certain ailments, with Roman, Greek and Chinese civilisations  all using it in traditional medicines. Ulcers, respiratory disorders, infections and poor blood circulation represent just a few of the conditions they alleviated with this super-useful herb.

Also used as a diuretic and as a remedy for arthritic and joint problems, it would be true to say that horsetail applications have been fully explored, albeit not scientifically. In the modern day, however, horsetail and indeed the oil that’s made from horsetail is better known for the benefits it offers to the hair and skin.

That’s what we look at now in greater detail…

The Skin Benefits Horsetail Oil

In the sphere of cosmetic products, horsetail is unique in that it’s the herb that contains the richest source of silica and silica acids known to man. What’s more, it comes in a form that’s most easily absorbed into the skin – providing a range of supporting properties.

Silicon is the 2nd most abundant element on the surface of the planet, but it should not be confused with silicone. It sounds very similar, but the latter is a man-made chemical that bears no resemblance to the substance we’re talking about here. Silicon, on the other hand, is a trace element that the body requires to remain healthy.

A Range of Supportive Skin Benefits

The skin is one of the parts of the body that benefits most from horsetail oil products, as they offer a range of uplifting qualities that leave your skin feeling younger, healthier and altogether more alive.

  • Horsetail oil offers a firmer and more toned look and feel to the skin
  • It provides a cleansing action that tones your skin and reduces large pores
  • Offered are a range of nutrients including magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, riboflavin, selenium, potassium, phosphorus and zinc
  • Skin texture is improved thanks to its potent moisturizing effect
  • Its gentle properties mean that even those with sensitive skin can enjoy it
  • Antioxidants inside horsetail helps to protect the skin from free radicals and other environmental pollutants

The aforementioned silica is something that works to strengthen the skin’s connective tissues and provide a barrier that stops free radical damage from breaking down the levels of collagen in the skin. It’s also known to help wounds and abrasions on the skin heal faster.

Combined with its anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent and antimicrobial characteristics, those using horsetail oil products will typically have less wrinkles and much smoother skin that’s soft to the touch. It’s for this reason that you’ll often find horsetail oil in moisturising serums designed to combat the ageing process.

Horsetail Oil Hair Health benefits

We think you’ll agree that this is quite a collection of skin benefits, but that’s not all horsetail provides, as it’s also great for keeping your hair healthy. While most of the advantages we’re going to tell you about are anecdotal, there has been some research into the hair support the herb offers.

The first way in which horsetail oil is able to support hair is by improving blood circulation, particularly when talking about the scalp. This helps to improve the health of the follicles, with its antioxidant properties also helping your hair to effectively ‘detox’.

Thicker, More Lustrous Hair

The silica present in horsetail oil also has a big part to play in the thickness and volume of your hair. You see, it interacts with the keratin within the hair, helping to support the structure and make each individual strand stronger inside and out.

There have even been reports by users of horsetail oil products that they can actually work to help prevent hair loss and even encourage regrowth. Again, while the efficacy of horsetail oil in this regard isn’t backed by empirical evidence, the fact that it’s often used as an ingredient in hair growth products tells its own story.

Is Horsetail Oil Safe for Everyone?

It’s always wise to be cautious when trying out anything new, whether talking about herbal remedies or otherwise. While horsetail oil is completely safe for the vast majority of people, there are some instances that would preclude you from using products that contain it.

If you’re currently pregnant or planning to become pregnant, it’s best to stay away from horsetail oil products, as they can cause problems. Those with low potassium or or diabetes should also refrain from using horsetail for the same reasons. If you’re unsure in any way, you should talk to your doctor.

Enjoying All These Benefits Is Easier Than You Think

So, as we can see, there are many different benefits to both the hair and the skin that can be enjoyed from horsetail oil. What’s more, accessing these advantages is quite simple, horsetail oil is an important ingredient in the Eneschi Intense Hair Serum.

We sincerely hope that you’ve enjoyed reading our blog and that it encourages you to explore and benefit from the many elements that nature provides. Why not take a look around our entire online shop while you’re here, as there’s a wealth of options for you to try.

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