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Rosemary Oil – Its Origins & Benefits to the Skin & Hair.

Essential rosemary oil is derived from a plant that has been used by human civilization since the dawn of recorded time in medicine, cooking and even in spiritual ceremonies. Rosemary bouquets were placed in Egyptian tombs as long ago as 3100 BC as an offering to the gods, with the herb also being held in high regard by the Romans who believed it to be sacred.

The name of the herb actually comes from the Latin word Rosmarinus roughly translating to Dew of the Sea because of its ability to thrive in dry and drought-like conditions. Even during medieval times, rosemary was used to protect against evil and prevent those in its vicinity from becoming infected.

During this same period, rosemary oil was believed to be able to promote prosperity – causing merchants to sprinkle it around their shops – and to dispel negativity, helping to lift the spirits of those who used it. It would be true to say that it is steeped in both history and superstition.

A Variety of Benefits to Skin & Hair Health

Moving into the modern era, rosemary oil continues to be popular around the world for its diverse range of applications. However, in this blog, we’ll be looking at what it does to support skin and hair follicle health. So, let’s start by looking at what it offers to the skin.

Skin Health Support

The skin support that rosemary oil provides is surprisingly wide-ranging and it’s perhaps best illustrated by the fact that it’s used in many types of cosmetics and skin care products found on the market. Here’s a selection of what it offers.

An Effective Astringent

The first thing to note about it when talking about skin health is that it’s an astringent, which is something that helps to provide balance and tone. Offering a refreshing feeling when topically applied, it cleanses the skin whilst also drying out oil and tightening the pores.

An Antimicrobial Action

Another way in which essential rosemary oil contributes to skin health is through its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. For anyone suffering with acne, it’s able to prevent breakouts by tackling P acnes bacteria at source, complementing the astringent qualities mentioned before.

Eczema-busting Antiseptic Properties

Rosemary oil also possesses antiseptic properties that make it particularly useful when battling skin issues like eczema. Helping to provide hydration to the epidermis, it can be effective in eliminating the conditions that lead to eczema, namely dryness and flaking.

Massaging it regularly into areas affected by eczema provides a more even skin tone, as it simultaneously works to stimulate the production of new skin tissue.

Stimulation For Ageing Skin

When skin starts to age, it loses its vitality, but rosemary oil can help to restore it. As a member of the mint family, it offers a stimulating sensation that increases circulation. This increased circulation brings along increased oxygen to the skin, making it look more youthful and radiant.

It also helps to tighten loose or sagging skin, giving it more elasticity and firmness. Moreover, it works to strengthen capillaries and further hold back the signs of ageing.

Eliminating Dark Spots & Eye Bags

Rosemary oil’s anti-inflammatory characteristics also make it useful in lightening any dark spots that exist on your skin because of sun damage and age by dispersing the melanin that causes them. It’s for this reason that it’s used by some people to soothe and heal burns.

This same anti-inflammatory action helps to reduce the swelling that leads to puffy eyes and under-eye circles, evidenced by the fact that it’s used as an ingredient  in so many types of eye cream.

Hair Health Support

Now, all of the virtuous effects we’ve covered so far when it comes to maintaining skin health actually make it effective as a way to prevent hair loss and promote growth – welcome news indeed to the roughly 6.5 million men who suffer with baldness in the United Kingdom alone.

However, you don’t have to be going bald to enjoy the benefits offered by rosemary oil, as it can be used by anyone wanting stronger, more youthful hair.

For instance…

As a result of the invigorating nature of rosemary oil, when massaged into the scalp, it strengthens circulation. Because of this, the hair follicles are provided with ample blood supply, meaning they don’t end up being starved of it and dying, as happens when hair is lost.

Studies have shown that essential rosemary oil can improve the rate of new hair growth by as much as 22% when used in this way. That’s not all either, as it has also been found to promote nerve growth and slow down the graying process to make your hair look younger.

So when you use hair products containing this wonder herb, the double-action that it provides gives your hair and scalp everything it needs for vitality and lustre.

Is There Anyone Who Shouldn’t Use Rosemary Oil?

Due to some of the ingredients found in rosemary oil, some may experience skin sensitivity issues, so it’s always a good idea to test it on a small area first if you’re unsure. Also, you should avoid contact with sensitive areas of the body, like the inner ears and the eyes.

Also, it is recommended that you speak to your GP prior to using rosemary oil if you are pregnant, suffering from epilepsy or on medication for high blood pressure.

Enjoy The Benefits of Essential Rosemary Oil Today

As we can see, there’s a reason why rosemary oil has been used for as long as it has, as it offers much to anyone looking to actively protect the health of both their skin and hair. So, why not try some out for yourself and experience the advantages first hand with Naturally CBD’s All-Natural Intense Hair Serum or our equally luxurious Intense Hand Cream?

Include them in your skin and hair care routines and you’ll get to feel these invigorating, refreshing and supportive benefits on a regular basis. So, take a look through the Naturally CBD shop and order yours today!

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