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Should I use a CBD Oil or CBD Spray?

Whether you are looking for relief from some sort of ailment or just want the benefits of CBD, people often ask us about whether they should be taking their CBD as a oil or spray.

It’s important to know that despite being the same thing, they do actually work slightly differently because if you’re looking for something that works more quickly, then cbd spray is a good choice. However, if you want a higher dose then cbd oil is probably the better option.

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CBD spray is easy to use. It’s a simple spray that is simply administered directly into the mouth, ideally under the tongue. Because of the small droplet size, one of the best things about cbd spray is that it works right away and is very easily absorbed by your oral mucosa. For example, if you’re feeling in need of some relief, then cbd spray can provide instant relief with just a few spritz into your mouth.

A downside of cbd spray is that it will be a smaller dosage, so has a finite amount of time until it wears off and needs to be reapplied more regularly than an oil. Sprays tend to be lower dosage to give a more fluid oil for the atomiser pump to work properly.

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CBD oil is a good choice if a person wants a longer-term solution. A person may need a higher dose of cbd oil and so is more effective if the larger doses are taken because it has been shown that doses of 10mg or higher work best. So if you need something stronger, cbd oil is the way to go.

Whilst oil is a little more effective because of the higher dosages compared to cbd spray, you obviously have to hold it in your mouth for longer for the CBD to be absorbed, since it takes a few minutes before it can really do its work. Sometimes in work or social situations, this is not possible, which is where the sprays are perfect.

Whether taking cbd oil or spray, the CBD works in exactly the same way. If you want to get maximum results from CBD, we think it is best to choose a cbd oil.

Which Products Should i choose?

However, the good news is at NaturallyCBD you don’t have to choose been an oil or spray. Where the cbd oils are suitable, we supply both a pipette and a spray atomiser. So if you are looking for cbd oil, spray or both, we’ve got it covered!

Where to buy CBD Oil Online?

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