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The Benefits Associated With Ginger Oil

Ginger is a root plant that’s been used around the world for centuries in medicines and cooking, with the part that’s actually harvested being known as the rhizome. While the precise plant structure has the appearance of being a root, in truth, it’s actually a stem that grows underground that branches off from the root.

Typically found growing in Asia and on the African continent, ginger belongs to the same plant genus as cardamom and turmeric. To me and you, it’s known as ginger, but in the scientific world, it’s referred to as Zingiber Officinale.

A History Dating Back to Roman Times

When we say that essential ginger oil has been used for centuries, it actually doesn’t quite do it justice, as there are records of its application dating back to around 750 BC. Romans living back then were very aware of ginger’s standing as a natural healer, so it was used in many things.

In addition to being used as a food flavouring, Romans and indeed the ancient Greeks used ginger oil to aid digestion. Going back almost as far, Indians also used it in Ayurvedic medicine as a treatment for anxiety, low self-esteem and other emotional issues.

How Ginger Oil is Made

Ginger oil comes from the aforementioned rhizome, which is extracted using a specialised process of distillation. In its natural form, it’s quite concentrated, which is why it’s then diluted using a carrier like coconut or olive oil.

Place a tincture of the oil under your nose and you’ll notice that it has a distinctly spicy and warm scent – one the reasons why it’s popular for aromatherapists. Another of the reasons why ginger oil is widely used are the many benefits it offers to the body – something we look into now.

A Range of Body-Supporting Qualities

It’s important to state that what we’re about to cover is based largely on anecdotal evidence from the many people who use it. However, there has been some research carried out by the scientific community into ginger oil, which we’ve also incorporated into the article.

Fighting Inflammation

Inflammation is essentially the immune system malfunctioning and it can rear its head pretty much anywhere in the body. It’s a very prevalent issue for many people, particularly when talking about those suffering with chronic joint issues like arthritis and digestive problems like crohn’s disease.

As stated in numerous studies on the subject, ginger extract is something that contains a range of compounds that are able to stop inflammation in its tracks. The most prominent is gingerol, which inhibits what’s known as biomarkers – which eventually lead to those painful inflammation flare-ups.

Ginger is a great weapon for anyone suffering with long-term joint pain, as when you remove the inflammation, the pain stays away too. When consumed in supplements and food or applied topically, this protection can be used to treat all manner of inflammation-related issues in the body and on the skin.

Reducing Aches & Pains

Acute inflammation usually comes hand in hand with pain – it’s the reason why you’re sore and tender in the days after that first gym visit in a while. Studies, like those conducted at the University of Wisconsin in 2016 have shown that ginger offers almost the same analgesic characteristics as pharmaceuticals like ibuprofen, although taking ginger oil orally is not a great idea.

Supporting Skin Health

If you were beginning to think that ginger oil was all about inflammation-busting, you’d be wrong, as it also has more than 40 different antioxidant compounds inside. These powerful compounds can be really effective at combating free radicals in your skin – something that’s responsible for a range of issues like premature ageing.

Ginger oil is also a friend to your skin because of its astringent and antiseptic characteristics, providing a repairing action to the uppermost layers of the epidermis. People suffering with sensitive skin issues like acne can also benefit greatly through its regular inclusion in your skincare routine.

Its skin-supporting benefits don’t end there either, as ginger oil is also known to increase circulation, restore elasticity and assist in reducing the appearance of scar tissue. Pretty amazing for a humble little rhizome, right?

Eliminating Gastric Discomfort

Ever noticed that you can stop feelings of nausea by eating a ginger biscuit? Well, that’s ginger’s ability to alleviate indigestion and nausea at work and we’re talking about a food with a relatively low ginger content. It’s so potent in this regard that it’s also possible to stop those awful nauseous feelings by burning ginger oil in a diffuser.

Keeping Your Scalp & Hair Healthy

So, we’ve been through a number of benefits already, so the argument in favour of including it in your life is already pretty strong. However, we’re not done yet, as ginger oil is also known to be particularly effective at keeping your scalp healthy and your hair thick and lustrous.

It’s pretty well-known in the hair care industry that ginger oil – especially when applied to the scalp and hair – is great for strengthening your hair strands whilst also minimising dandruff and soothing away itchy scalp feelings. This, according to the experts, is down to the high mineral content of ginger oil.

This is enhanced further by its antiseptic and antifungal properties that help to keep your hair hygienically clean. There are some out there that believe its able to promote new hair growth, but that as yet is still yet to be officially proven.

Get Some of This Natural Wonder For Yourself

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We really appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read our blog all the way to the end. We hope that by doing so, you’re now fully aware of just how amazing the ginger rhizome is.

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