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The Many Ways Skin Is Supported By Chamomile Essential Oil

Known by a number of common names that include Mother’s Daisy, Ground Apple, English Chamomile and the latin Chamaemelum Nobile, the chamomile plant is grown around the world from Asia to the United States. Living primarily in pastures and cornfields, it’s ideal environment is well-drained soil and mild temperatures.

From the Asteraceae family (which also includes the herbs Calendula, Artemisia & Echinacea) it can grow up to 30cm in height, with an appearance that’s very similar to the common daisy. This popular flower is one that offers an incredible amount of skin benefits that come with a distinctly delightful fragrance.

The skin support provided by the chamomile plant is one that requires it to first be turned into chamomile oil using a natural, cold extraction process. Once the process has been completed, you get an essential oil that stands out from others in the beneficial characteristics it offers to the skin.

A Range of Skin-Soothing Qualities

In addition to being able to soothe wounds, ulcers and anxiety, chamomile oil offers a lot to the skin. The benefits are many and varied from healing to calming, so let’s waste no time in looking at the many skin-supporting properties it offers.

Fighting Eczema

Able to be recognised by its obvious symptoms of dry, itchy skin that also features bumps, scales, swelling and crusting, eczema can make a person miserable and uncomfortable. Caused by genetics, environmental factors, immune system issues and sometimes even stress, when left unchecked it can become thick, painful and hard to get rid of.

Fortunately, chamomile oil is great for skin issues like eczema, as it’s simply jam-packed with elements that reduce inflammation. This allows it to take the ‘heat’ out of your eczema and allow it to recover. When applied topically in creams and enjoyed in bath bomb products on a regular basis, you’ll start to see noticeable improvements before too long.

Minimising the Appearance of Scar Tissue

As everyone knows, when you damage your skin badly enough for a scar to form, the area most often ends up having a different colour to normal skin after it’s healed. This is a problem that afflicts acne sufferers around the world, with scars left behind after an attack making your complexion uneven as a result.

On their own, these scars can take an awfully long time to disappear, but thanks to the healing properties of chamomile, it’s powerful enough to deal with acne scars. When coming into contact with these scarred areas, healing happens more quickly, complementing any acne treatment you might use alongside it.

Acne is caused by excess sebum, dirt and oil clogging the pores, leading to those familiar raised, highly inflamed spots, blackheads, cysts and papules. Of course chamomile essential oil is too strong to be applied neat, so it’s best to mix it with a carrier oil (like coconut oil) and then dab it onto the area, leaving it hydrated and looking amazing.

Skin Irritation Relief

There’s a whole array of things that can lead to irritated skin, from your diet to allergic reactions caused by the washing powder that you use to clean your clothes. When your skin becomes irritated, it’s your body telling you that it doesn’t like something and as anyone who’s suffered in this way will know, the more you scratch, the more it itches and irritates!

Again, chamomile oil can be hugely helpful for skin irritation, as its inflammation-busting properties come into play, along with its soothing action. The same goes for burns from heat and the sun, with a few drops of the oil added to your bath directly or in a bath bomb doing the trick.

Skin Tone Evening

The modern world puts your skin through a lot, especially if you live in a city or more urbanised area. As well as sun damage, you’ve got pollution and a range of other environmental factors that can lead to your skin becoming discoloured and uneven. This hyperpigmentation can be tackled ably by chamomile oil.

Regular application of chamomile essential oil can help to reduce this hyperpigmentation, allowing you to regain an even complexion. The oil’s also able to strengthen and regenerate the skin, while also helping to continuously soothe and keep its surface calm, fresh and youthful-looking.

Skin Hydration & Moisturisation

Hydration is such an important element to provide for your skin, especially as many things work to take it away. Heat, cold weather, skipping your skincare routine, air conditioning and failing to drink enough water can all rob your skin of the necessary hydration that can itself lead to issues.

So, if you find yourself experiencing problems like these, it’s a good idea to turn to the extensive benefits provided by chamomile oil. When mixed with a carrier oil or infused into products like bath bombs, you provide your skin with all the hydration it needs and we can tell you that it feels amazing when soaking in it after a long day.

Leaning once again on chamomile’s anti-inflammatory properties, dry skin’s tendency to be distressed is immediately reduced. The oil also provides an intensive moisturisation effect that’s able to penetrate more deeply. Use it on a regular basis and you’ll soon see your skin’s radiance and glow return.

Want to Enjoy This Skin Support For Yourself?

There aren’t many natural elements on earth that provide the skin support offered by chamomile essential oil. As we can see, it soothes, evens tone, reduces inflammation and leaves your skin looking and feeling incredible. The great news is that accessing this skin-supporting power is simple and wonderfully relaxing.

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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and that it has demonstrated why there are so many people who swear by chamomile for their skin health. With a few taps of your mouse or smartphone screen, you can too!

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