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What is Clary Sage Oil used for?

Known by the latin name Salvia Sclarea, Clary sage is a herb belonging to the mint family that’s native to the Mediterranean basin. Growing up to a metre in height, the plant is used to create the hugely popular clary sage oil by steam distilling it’s biennial blossom.

As a close relative of the sage that’s used in culinary pursuits, clary sage has been known to possess health-supporting qualities since the dawn of recorded history. It does differ in many ways from cooking sage, with one being the colouring of its flowers, which are a pinky/violet, rather than green.

A Sweet & Warm Essential Oil

Employed as one of the flavours used to create the popular spirit Vermouth and many other types of fragrance, it results in a sweet and warm essential oil once completely distilled. In addition to sweet notes, it delivers a woody and nutty aroma when burnt in a diffuser.

In traditional medicines used across Europe for thousands of years, clary sage also has a refreshing, clean scent. Such is its versatility, European natives have even enjoyed the herb in tea and as a treatment for eye issues, leading it to be called eye bright and clear eye throughout the ages.

A Raft of Health Benefits Offered

The support clary sage provides to eye health is far from its only advantage – something we look at now. By reading on, you’ll discover a range of different ways that the herb helps the human body.

Reducing Stress

When used as an ingredient in aromatherapy treatment, the unmistakable scents of clary sage really become apparent. When inhaled, the vapours from infused oils help to alleviate anxiety and bring calmness to the mind. The sense of smell is inextricably linked to our emotions, which is why an aroma can bring back vivid memories.

Like many alternative therapies, the health benefits of this herb aren’t backed by a huge amount of scientific research, but there has been some. These studies have shown that when breathed in, feelings of relaxation ensue, with other beneficial effects enjoyed including a reduction in blood pressure.

Protection Against Bacteria

Another potential benefit of clary sage is available when it comes in its diluted form and it lends itself to its antibacterial properties. As well as offering an anti-inflammatory action, anecdotal evidence shows us that it can be effective at eliminating certain strains of bacteria, especially when talking about dealing with open wounds.

Further to this, there have been lab tests that have shown the herb to be able to help with dermatological infections relating to a number of different Staphylococcus strains. These studies looked at wounds that weren’t responding to antibiotic treatment, with diluted clary sage oil found to have much more positive effects.

Boosting Low Mood & Depression

Another way in which clary sage is able to help us is with conditions relating to low mood and depression. Studies that have included both animals (rats) and humans have shown much promise of its potential use as a natural antidepressant.

More studies have shown that women going through menopause have benefitted from the use of clary sage in aromatherapy. On a physical level, it was found to reduce levels of cortisol – the hormone responsible for stress – resulting in an antidepressant-like effect.

More Support For Menopausal Ladies

In addition to the menopause alleviation mentioned above, it’s a herb that can help ladies at this stage of their lives in other ways too. There’s also another component within clary sage called sclareol that is able to mimic the effect that oestrogen has in the female body.

This makes it particularly effective at minimising menopausal symptoms and some choose to apply oil infused with the herb to the soles of their feet. It is claimed that doing so helps to reduce the number of hot flashes women have.

Tackling Menstrual Cramps

Illustrating the potential for clary sage to be one of the most beneficial herbs women can get, it’s also believed to provide relief for ladies experiencing painful menstruation. In more studies, ladies applied a cream-infused oil onto their lower abdomen area every day in between their usual cycles.

Compared to the control group (who weren’t applying anything), those using the cream enjoyed a major reduction in the pain and duration of the cramps they suffered with.

What’s the Best Way to Enjoy Clary Sage Oil?

Well, there are a number of ways in which the benefits of this wonder herb can be enjoyed. Let’s take a look at a few of them.

  • By Inhalation – By adding 2-3 drops of diluted clary sage oil into a standard diffuser/oil burner, the benefits become inhalable. As mentioned earlier, this can help with stress, anxiety and worry.
  • Application to wounds – If you dilute around 6 drops of clary sage oil into about 1 ounce of carrier oil, you can then apply it topically to wounds to control infection and reduce inflammation.
  • Topical Application (Rubbing) – When diluted, it can be rubbed into sore muscles for effective relief.
  • Soaked In the Bath – Add 3-5 drops of essential clary sage oil to your bath and you’ll enjoy a very relaxing time, in addition to having those sore muscles soothed.
  • Oral Consumption – Clary sage oil can also provide soothing relief for internal inflammation like sore gums when ingested orally in smoothies, tea or even in food.

Enjoy the Many Benefits of Clary Sage Oil Yourself

So, as we can see, like so much of what nature provides us with in its many plants and herbs, clary sage provides a wide range of advantages. The good news is that clary sage oil is widely available and can be enjoyed simply by visiting the Naturally CBD shop.

There you’ll find our ______ products infused with clary sage oil and all of its numerous benefits that help to support the body, with women especially getting lots of relief from its inclusion in their routine.

We greatly appreciate you reading all the way to the end of our article. We hope it leads you to experience the assistance that it provides for many years to come.

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