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What is Nettle Leaf Oil?

When you think of nettles, what’s the first thing that comes into your mind? That’s right, the fact that every time you brush up against those pesky little plants, they sting you and leave behind an irritating red mark. As a result of this, your average stinging nettle has got something of a bad press, with the plant hacked down wherever it’s seen.

However,  did you know that this so-called annoying little plant and products that contain it – like nettle leaf oil – offer a number of benefits that actually support health? That’s precisely what we’re going to be looking at in this blog – to illustrate that it’s something of a natural wonder – rather than weed that should be destroyed!

Just because it’s something that causes us pain doesn’t mean that it can’t be beneficial to our wellness and when you see just how many vitamins and minerals nettles contain, you’ll begin to understand how amazing it is. So, join us now as we dive down into the many health advantages that it offers.

The Common Stinging Nettle

The common nettle or Urtica Dioica as it’s scientifically known is a perennial, herbaceous plant that’s originally native to European countries. It is, however, now found around the world as part of six subspecies – five of which feature stinging hairs – named triomes – on both the leaves and the stem.

When touched, these hairs act like hypodermic needles, injecting chemicals that include formic acid and histamine into the skin as part of its innate defence mechanism. Once stung, the irritation doesn’t typically last very long, with the worst of it only going for around 10 minutes.

Highly Resilient In Any Environment

It’s an incredibly resilient plant too, as anyone with a garden will tell you. Its ability to survive and indeed thrive in pretty much any rural or urban environment is something to behold, with even powerful weed killers often unable to eradicate it completely from an area.

It’s something that’s been used widely over the centuries in teas, food, medicines and even textiles, with the Saxons in particular being major exponents. This fact can be seen in the works of Thomas Campbell, a Scottish poet of great repute who spoke of drinking nettle tea on a nettle table cloth and sleeping between nettle sheets.

So, as we can see, nettles have quite an interesting backstory that stretches back a long way. There’s much more we could tell you but, it’s time to take a look at the health benefits we mentioned earlier.

We’ll start by looking at what it’s able to do for your hair…

Comprehensive Hair Support

Nettles have long been associated with the ability to prevent balding and promote the growth of new hair. It’s able to do this because of the way it enhances the circulation of blood, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to get to the hair’s roots, in turn making them stronger and more resilient.

A plentiful supply of antioxidants also helps the hair by ridding it of any harmful compounds and free radicals that it might contain. DHT – the hormone responsible for female and male pattern baldness – is also inhibited, further supporting the lustre and strength of your hair.

That’s not the only way it helps your hair either – far from it. Here’s why…
  • Its antibacterial & anti-inflammatory qualities help to reduce irritation and itching
  • It’s a natural astringent, helping to eliminate excess oil and refresh the scalp
  • The pantothenic acid it contains adds volume and shine to your hair
  • Nettles offer essential fatty acids and minerals that nourish the follicles

Believe it or not, when nettle leaf oil is massaged into the scalp, it can be very effective at eliminating troublesome dandruff when left on overnight. All things considered, it’s great for your hair, whether you’re wanting to regain any you’ve lost or simply maintain good hair health.

An Eclectic Range of Health Benefits

The advantages offered by this wonder plant are not restricted to topical use, as it’s simply jam-packed with nutrients and minerals. When consumed in food, teas or in any other way, the health benefits provided by stinging nettles are extensive.

Here’s just a few reasons why that is…

Nettle leaf is rich in:

  • Amino acids & protein
  • Vitamins A, C, E, K & B
  • Silica, potassium, iron, calcium and a range of other minerals
  • Omega acids
  • Carotenoids
  • Polyphenols

Offering a taste that’s similar to spinach, all of these health benefits can be enjoyed and before you start worrying about the stinging aspect, the cooking process eliminates it completely. What’s more, food containing nettles is known to be great for satisfying hunger.

The health support offered by nettles is also extensive:
  • It’s known to provide support to the endocrine system that’s responsible for mood and growth
  • Its antioxidants, vitamins and minerals help to destroy free radicals
  • The digestive system is also believed to be supported, helping to reduce indigestion
  • As with the skin, nettle promotes better blood circulation
  • Internal parasites and intestinal worms are killed by consuming nettles

If that weren’t enough, nettle leaf is also believed to support the immune system, help in treating neurological issues like sciatica and can even be gargled to help with throat infection and other mouth problems. It’s very much the body’s friend.

Enjoy All This Health Support For Yourself

All things considered, the common stinging nettle is a friend to the human body – even if it does initially seem to be its enemy! Including it in your diet and applying it topically is something that can absolutely help you stay feeling great and looking great, with stronger, more lustrous hair.

Want to try some for yourself? That’s the easy part. Why not take a look around the Naturally CBD shop that contains a range of products infused with nettle leaf oil? While you’re there, you’ll also be able to see the full range of natural products we offer.

Thanks for reading our blog. We hope you found it helpful. Check back with us soon for more from the home of natural products

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