Peppermint and Eucalyptus CBD Balm


Our Peppermint and Eucalyptus balm is hand crafted using only the highest quality ingredients. Containing 1000mg of Cannabinoids, with 900mg CBD and 100mg CBG.

This making our balm one of very few available on the market using CBG, and with the added addition of essential oil, it smells amazing.

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Our balms are created using high quality ingredients sourced by farms we have direct communication with. These balms contain 1000mg of Cannabinoids made up from 900mg CBD and 100mg CBG.  CBD is cannabidiol and CBG is cannabigerol. These are both taken from hemp (cannabis sativa) and are extracted to create concentrated oils. CBD and CBG are used as oils, balms, capsules, and more for various benefits. These balms do not contain THC which is a substance that has a psychoactive effect.

This balm can be used on sore muscles, joints, burns, and other areas.

Directions for use:

Before trying on a wounded or affected area, test the balm on your forearm first to ensure you are not allergic. If you have any reaction, wash off with lukewarm water and if symptoms persist, consult a doctor.

Apply to the affected area of skin and massage in well. Use your hands to build up heat to the area as this will help to absorb our CBD and CBG Balm into the skin. Massage into skin as often as required.

Storage Instructions:

Store in a cool dry place. Do not leave in extreme temperatures. Keep out of reach of children