Bath Bomb Gift Box Set


Bath time will never be the same again once you’ve tried our Jumbo Bath Bombs. With eye-catching colours and amazing scents, not only will your skin be left feeling fresh and rejuvenated but your mind and body relaxed.

A selection of 6 different bath bombs.

What our customers think of this product

  • Spa like experience
  • A bath bomb like no other

Individual product weight 170g (size 2’6”)

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Inspired by serenity and tranquility these delightful bath bomb is are gift for yourself or someone else, creating gorgeous bubbles that envelop your body in natural effervescence leaving you feeling pampered from head to toe – not just clean!

Bath bombs fully loaded with goodness….

Loaded with Plant Essential Oils and cannabidiol from hemp, these bath bombs are pure luxury.

Relax CBD Bath Bomb
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