Leafline Natural CBD Oil – 1000mg (10%)


10ml Bottle of Natural CBD Oil – 1000mg CBD per Bottle

  • 1000mg CBD Per Bottle
  • 10ml Bottle Size
  • 10% Strength
  • 5mg Per Drop
  • 1 Month Supply @ 32mg per day

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Available in the following Strengths:

1000mg Natural CBD Oil Drops

Who is this CBD oil for?

Anyone who is looking for a mid-strength CBD, has perhaps tried a lower dosage and would like to take a stronger dose. Also for those you don’t like the natural taste of the hemp based oils, this is a much nicer tasting oil. By using MCT as a base it takes away that earthy taste that a lot of people don’t like.

It comes in a 10ml bottle with 1000mg total CBD content per bottle, making it perfect for those who don’t want to take too many doses during the day! 

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What do our staff say about this oil?

We consider this one of the better oils, being whole plant, meaning you are getting the most out of your CBD.  This is a potent product, containing 1000mg CBD oil to help keep your body in balance and at peace. This flavoured CBD oil is refreshingly flavourful and has a smooth aftertaste.

Leafline CBD is a good family run company with knowable staff, preferring to keep all their ingredients as natural and organic as possible, just as food supplements should be!

A great way to get CBD into your system and it has no psychoactive effects.

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