Natural CBD Oil Oral Drops (12%)
– 1200mg


10ml Bottle of Natural CBD Oil – 1200mg CBD per Bottle

  • 1200mg CBD Per Bottle
  • 10ml Bottle Size
  • 12% Strength
  • 6mg Per Drop
  • 1 Month Supply @ 40mg per day

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This is a 12% Oil containing 1200mg of CBD, and is made from full extract high grade, Swiss grown and extracted CBD carried in non-GMO organic hemp seed oil.

Designed to be taken sub-lingually. Simply drop the required dose under your tongue and hold there for around 60 seconds before swallowing.

A ‘CO2 Extraction’ process is used to extract the oil from the highest grade European (certified) hemp plants. This avoids the use of solvents and ensures that more of the beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes remain in the end product. The end result is a rich, CBD oil free from unwanted plant matter and much better tasting than most other oils available. The quality of the oil is tested at several points in the production process, so we can guarantee the quality of all batches – and more importantly, guarantee the CBD content you are paying for.

Please store in a cool dark place and keep out of reach of children

Less than 0.01% THC


  • Cannabis sativa full plant extract
  • Hemp seed oil (including a minimum of 1200mg CBD)
  • Full range of cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids

Customers who seem to get a lot out of CBD oil make it part of their daily routine and will split their dosage into 2-3 servings throughout the day (for example, morning, afternoon and evening).

However those who just need a low dosage may take it as part of their morning routine or take it right before going to bed.

CBD is recognised as safe for regular consumption and non-toxic, however there is currently no conclusive decision on the exact dosage that should be taken. For this reason, the FSA do not recommend exceeding 70mg of CBD per day.


For your own personal dose... it comes down to trial and error and finding the dose that works best for you. We recommend that you start low and slow, with just a couple of drops daily and then increase gradually until you find the dose which works for you.

Recommended doses vary from person to person and depend on factors such as:

  • Body weight
  • Product concentration (%)
  • Reason for using CBD

You might be surprised at how little it takes, so take the time you need to increase or decrease your dosage until you hit the sweet spot

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