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CBD Dosing – How much CBD Oil should i take?

There are many ways to take CBD, each with different effects and methods for onset. Smoking or vaporising typically will fully kick in within seconds to minutes of use while edibles can take up to 2 hours before seeing full effects.

CBD oil can be taken sublingually which is not only one of the fastest acting ways to take it, but also probably the easiest. This method allows for all of the cannabinoids present in the plant to enter your bloodstream immediately while bypassing the digestive system. When you eat or drink cbd infused products, it enters through your stomach and passes through your liver before entering your bloodstream. While beneficial cannabinoids can be absorbed in this way, they are greatly reduced compared to the sublingual method, so we do suggest that is the best way most people to take cbd as an oil.

How to take CBD Sublingually.

The most effective way is to simply place the oil drops underneath your tongue using the pipette that’s attached to the bottle lid, hold it there for a around 2 minutes before swallowing to ensure that all of the cannabinoids are absorbed.

The body metabolises CBD at much different speeds in each individual person, so your experience with sublingual CBD oil may vary from others. While some people feel effects within minutes, others do not notice anything until a while later. The time it takes to kick in depends on how your body metabolises cannabinoids.

How much CBD should I Take?

As we’ve said, everyone will have a different experience with CBD oil, so its all about finding your ‘sweet spot’. In the UK there is a recommendation that people should avoid taking more than 70mg per day unless under medical guidance. 

The “Go Low… Go Slow….” Method.

This involves finding your sweet spot over the course of a few weeks, it is as easy as taking your oil, and paying attention to how different doses affect you. This will take a few weeks, so please persevere, but is very effective in discovering what works best for your body and your specific needs, which we will now go into further detail about… 

To start, begin with two drops of CBD oil at a time, and slowly increase your dosage every two to three days until you find what works best for you. Any cbd oil is best taken over 2 or 3 times over the course of the day, rather than all at once.

A Quick Calculation

So…. if you had bought the 500mg CBD Oil, that has 2.5mg per drop.

Taking 2 drops x 2.5mg x 3 times a day, would mean you are taking 15mg of CBD to start out with. 

This is quite small a dose for a lot of people, but is actually a good starting point, allowing you to increase the number of drops taken or move to a stronger oil to increase the dosage. Once you find your sweet spot, you can continue with that, or adjust over the following weeks as you see fit. 

How to reduce the cost.

Once you have found your dose, you’d be better buying a higher % of cbd per bottle, as it will work out more cost effective in the long run, just adjust the number of drops taken accordingly.

The following is a list of the recommended starting doses for CBD oil:

– Smoking/Vaping Dose: 1-2mgs. A dose this low will most likely not feel any effects but it’s still recommended to start off with the lowest dose and work your way up until you find the one that best suits your needs.

– Sublingual Dose: It is recommended that you start off with a lower dose of around 15 – 30 mg and then slowly increase your dosage until you find the one that is most beneficial for you.

It’s always best to start off with the lowest dose and work your way up until you find the one that is most beneficial for you. Doses of 70mgs or more are only recommended if you have tried a lower dose without any benefits.

NaturallyCBD Oil Strength Ratings.

Know Your CBD Oil

It’s important to know how strong your oil is. Most quality cbd companies will tell you the mg per bottle, %, and mg per drop. The important one to know is the mg per drop.

For instance a bottle may be advertised as 1200mg, if this is a 10ml bottle, then that will work out at 12% and around 6mg per drop. In a 30ml bottle, it would work out at just 4% or 2mg per drop. 

That’s a considerably weaker oil, and so would actually contain less oil than a bottle with 600mg of cbd in a 10ml bottle (6% and 3mg per drop if you are wondering).

On the whole, buying a bottle with a higher % cbd will work out cheaper in the long run for you.

Starter CBD Oil.

Anyone who is looking for a low dose CBD, ideal for someone just starting out and wanting to try CBD Oil, is maybe slightly nervous and just wants to see what it tastes like first.

For most people we’d recommend the go straight to the low dose or medium dose oils as its a more cost effective option price wise.

Low Dose CBD Oil.

Anyone who is looking for a low dose CBD, ideal for someone just starting out and wanting to try CBD OIl, and would like to take a stronger dose than the starter bottles.

Typically we’d rate these around 5% to 6%

Medium Dose CBD Oil.

If you need bigger dosages for whatever reason, it could be that you look to the medium strength oils. These are more cost effective per mg of cbd. 

 Typically, we’d rate these around 10% to 12%.

High Dose CBD Oil.

Once you’ve found your ideal dose, its worth looking at these oils for cost effectiveness.

Typically we’d rate these around 15% to 20%

Very High Dose CBD Oil.

Really for experienced users of cbd oil. 

Typically we’d rate oils 30% above in this dose.

Do you have a high Street shop?

No. Currently we see visitors by appointment only at our offices, or products can be purchased online….. Where to buy cbd oil online

Is CBD Available on the NHS?

Despite the caution and hesitancy from the scientific and medical community about CBD, many frontline doctors are happy for you to take CBD oil for its health boosting properties. This is especially true where benefits have been observed after CBD has been given to a patient when all other traditional methods have failed.

At the moment CBD is not being used by the NHS unless in exceptional circumstances.

In the UK it is sold as a food supplement.

Does CBD Oil get you high?

Regardless of whether you enjoy the benefits through CBD oil , CBD gummies  or CBD topical balms, you will 100% not get high. We mentioned earlier that all the THC is removed during processing, which means that there’s no psychoactive element present at all. THC is short for Tetrahydrocannabinol, so it’s another type of cannabinoid, however, in the finished product, it’s only present as a trace element.

In order for it to be legal in the UK, it needs to contain less than 0.2% – which is around two tenths of 1%. Taking CBD may make you a little drowsy if you take more than your own constitution can cope with, but that’s it. Take CBD capsules  or oil each day and you won’t be left giggling with the munchies! Most users report just a relaxed, calm and contented feeling.

Where to buy CBD Oil Online?

The best place to purchase CBD oil online is from our website. We have a variety of different brands and strengths of CBD oil for sale, as well as other products that are made with cbd extract, like topical balms. On our website, you will find more information about what types of products we carry. You can also contact us anytime if you have any questions or would like to order in bulk!

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