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Natural, convenient and effective, CBD oil allows you to incorporate the many health-supporting benefits of cannabidiol into your daily routine.

Why buy CBD Oil online from Us?

Like any type of product, you get what you pay for and there is a distinct difference between high quality CBD products sold online and brands that are best left alone. We’ve been using and researching CBD since 2015, so at NaturallyCBD, we understand what it takes to create a quality CBD Oil.

We’ve basically done all the hard work for you! By selecting and stocking some of the best CBD oils available in the UK, at the best prices, and of course only buying our CBD from brands that share our ethos. When you buy your oil from us, you can rest assured that the highest manufacturing standards have been met every step of the way.

That’s the NaturallyCBD difference.

Natural Product

What is CBD Oil?

Essentially, CBD is a product that’s extracted from the hemp plant, and the ‘CBD’ part is an abbreviation of CannaBiDiol – which is a naturally occurring element within the plant. It is considered a food supplement in the UK.

As a result of the recreational use of marijuana, CBD was previously viewed by some as something to avoid. However, because all but a minute amount of the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol –  the bit that gets you ‘high’) is removed during the extraction process – it’s not a fair comparison to make.

Our CBD Oil is made from organically grown hemp plants.  After harvesting the CBD cannabinoids are able to be removed safely from the plant and then are used in the various products. Once extracted, they are then infused into a carrier such as MCT oil ( coconut oil ), hemp oil, olive oil, or a flavoured MCT oil to make it pleasant to the pallet and easy to ingest into the body.

The quality of the premium CBD oil we supply is assured thanks to the gentle, yet effective extraction process that’s used during the manufacturing process. This is why our growers only use CO2 extraction to ensure the most potent product possible.

CBD based products should only be made from the best CBD Oil. Our CBD is rich in active cannabidiol and other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids, ensuring that our cbd products contain the full natural organic goodness of the cannabis plant.

Hemp to CBD Oil Manufacturing Process

What Does CBD Do?

The reason why the oils and CBD products in general are gentle is that they mimic a process that occurs naturally within the body. Inside every living mammal, there is what’s known as an endocannabinoid system that regulates many of the body’s functions. From mood levels to cognitive function to immune system response, it’s all regulated by this system with minute levels of endocannabinoids being produced in the body to stimulate the body’s receptors.

The cannabinoids found in CBD contain a plant-based variety of CBD  called phytocannabinoids which do the same job of regulating the body’s systems. However, in CBD oils, they’re present in much greater quantities and help everything in the body to work…. better.

Those taking it on a daily basis often report feeling calmer, getting a better quality of sleep and alleviation from a wide range of physical issues.

How to Take CBD Oils

The tincture that CBD comes in makes it really easy to take it. Using the pipette that’s attached to the tincture’s lid, you should place a few drops under the tongue and leave them there for 60 seconds. Known as sublingual application, this method ensures that it’s absorbed more directly into the body.

The reason for this is that when taken in this way, the oil bypasses your digestive system and is absorbed directly into the bloodstream. This means that its benefits are felt that much more quickly and powerfully than if you were to swallow it as soon as it was placed in your mouth.

Some people find the taste of CBD tinctures a little funny, with a ‘fuzzy’ feeling in the mouth post application. However, this easily remedied by having some fruit juice or a sweet close by to take it away. You can mix it with drinks if you so wish, but it would then have to pass through your gut and would therefore be less potent. You could also try a flavoured CBD oil.

Take CBD Oil Under the Tongue

If you are looking to try cbd oil, we have many different options for you. Some people may want the benefits of cbd but without any flavour or taste that comes with it. However, others may enjoy the added benefit of having their daily dose of oil come in a tastier form!

So why choose a flavoured Oil ….
  • Flavoured cbd oils are definitely tastier to take, and come in a wide choice of different flavours. The hemp natural  taste of traditional natural cbd oil can be an acquired taste. People find flavoured oils easier to swallow and hold than an unflavoured one. Hence flavoured CBD can be much more easy to incorporate in your daily routine.

We stock 6 different CBD Oil Flavours, all made using the highest quality ingredients, so we’re pretty sure you’ll find a flavored cbd oil that appeals to your taste buds.

How Much Do i Take?

Everyone is different. So it comes down to trial and error, and finding the dose of CBD that works best for you.

We recommend starting on a low dose, with just a couple of drops daily, and then gradually increase until you find the dose which works for you.

You might be surprised at how little it takes, so take the time you need to increase or decrease your dosage until you hit the sweet spot.

Starter oils contain from 300 mg per bottle, however many will buy a higher dosage CBD next time round. Look out for our dose badges to make it quick and easy to find the oil you want.

Starter Dose CBD Badge
Low Dose CBD Badge
Medium Dose CBD Badge
High Dose CBD Badge
Very High Dose Badge

No, they’re not. While they are both derived from the hemp plant ( Cannabis Sativa Plant ), the main difference between the two is that hemp oil contains virtually no CBD, which means it offers nothing like the same health support. Another difference is that hemp seed oil is made from hemp seeds (making it great for cooking), whereas CBD Oil is created from extracting CBD from the stalks, flowers and leaves of the hemp plant.

It is advised not to give CBD Oils  to anyone under 18 years of age, unless under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

How long it takes CBD to work will depend on your choice of CBD product, how you take it, and the cbd content.


If you take an oil, then typically speaking, you will normally take sublingually, it can take around 20 -30 mins for the desired effect to be felt. However, everyone’s physiology is different, so it could be more or less depending on your makeup.

Other ways such as CBD capsules can take between 1 to 2 hours before an effect is felt, and is considered a more slow release way of dosing.

Traditional hemp based oil can have a ‘distinctive’ taste, there are two real options....  having a small drink of water, milk, juice, coffee or chocolate after taking the oil will quickly disperse the taste, or use a flavoured CBD Oil.

We highly recommend the Cherry Peppermint Flavoured CBD Oil from the Apothecary Collection with its peppermint flavouring, and most people agree with us that this is one of the best tasting flavored cbd oils available..... it tastes great!

Alternatively, we also have a range of CBD Gummies, and CBD Capsules which mask the taste and can often be a more discrete way of taking.

As with all food supplements, we always recommend that customers talk with their GP first if they are taking any medication. Check whether CBD may interact with any you are taking. 

CBD in the UK is sold as a food supplements for nutritional purposes, and thus sellers are not allowed to make any medical claims, all oils on the market should be registered with the food standards agency.

We do know that a few of our customers taking cbd are dealing with parkinson's disease, dementia, anxiety, high blood pressure, and sleeping issues. If this is you, we'd prefer you to seek medical supervision and advice first.

Whilst there is not yet the medically reviewed evidence to verify CBD’s efficacy or the health benefits of CBD, there is a large body of anecdotal evidence published worldwide, particularly in Israel, the USA and Canada where it is more openly accepted to use cbd, to suggest that it can be effective in reducing pain, inflammation and anxiety - to name just a few of the claimed benefits from people taking CBD.

Should you wish to learn more, we do encourage you to read, research, and educate yourself on CBD as there are trustworthy websites that can be found on Google, where you’ll find studies on the effects of cannabidiol oil in various conditions. We may refer to such studies here, but only to inform you about them, so you can make your own decisions.

All our CBD products are legal in the UK, as all our products contain less than 0.2 thc.

Different Countries have different rules and local laws as to using cbd. Thus we do not currently deliver to countries outside of the UK. This may change in the long term.

We offer free UK delivery on all orders over £60 to everywhere in the UK, including London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Derby, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leicester, Liverpool, Leeds, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Norwich, Oxford, Sheffield, and Southampton.

Yes. And the best cbd products for you will depend on your personal circumstances.

The different types are 

  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil
    Full spectrum cbd has trace amounts of thc present, and whilst people assume this isn't a good thing, it is actually legal in the UK if under 0.2%.
  • Broad Spectrum CBD
    Broad spectrum cbd supplements contain no thc content, but do have all the other cannabinoids to help nourish the body's endocannabinoid system. 
  • CBD Isolate
    This is pure CBD, and is THC free.

For more information see our blog post: What is CBD oil made from?

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Where to buy cbd oil?

Obviously, we’d say here at NaturallyCBD. But rest assured, we have done our homework….

At NaturallyCBD, we have selected and encouraged development of some of the the best CBD products on the market, and we will help you find exactly what your body needs to be at its healthiest!

We work with some of the best suppliers and manufacturers in the UK who take great pride in what they sell. Many are family businesses such as ours who are experts in the products they produce for us, and can offer you a full range of the best CBD brands including:

  • High Quality Premium CBD Oil, CBD Gummy Rings and CBD Capsules
  • Creams, CBD balms and skin care.
  • Relaxing and soothing luxury bath bombs
  • Hair care products
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