CBD Sprays

Oral CBD Sprays are super-convenient to use, and like all our products, their quality is assured by our high standards and rigorous quality control processes.

Should I buy a CBD Oil or CBD Spray?
The good news is at NaturallyCBD you don’t have to choose between buying a Oil or Spray! All the cbd oils listed on this page are suitable for use as both.
So, free of charge we will supply both a pipette and a separate spray nozzle.
So if you are looking for CBD Oil, CBD Spray or both, rest assured…. we’ve got it covered.

CBD Sprays
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How Do You Use a CBD Oral Spray?

After receiving your CBD Oil Spray from NaturallyCBD in the post, the first thing you should do is give it a good shake. This ensures that the extract gets evenly mixed together with the carrier oil. Next, you should open your mouth and press the pump on the atomiser spray bottle so that it goes either inside your cheek or under your tongue (known as sublingual application).

What Are the Benefits of Using a Spray?

There are a variety of benefits associated with using CBD sprays, with the first one being that it’s really easy to apply. Within just a few seconds, you can get your regular dose without missing a beat, so you can get on with your day.

Other benefits include:

  • Controlling your dosage:

    Another benefit of an CBD sprays is that it makes it really easy to measure the dose being given. Our spray applicators deliver a consistent amount with each press of the pump and with everybody having an optimum dose for best results, it makes it that much easier to gauge your intake.

  • Rapid absorption:

    By applying the CBD sublingually, it’s absorbed more rapidly into the bloodstream. When CBD products are delivered topically or swallowed it can take longer to work and reduce its bioavailability. CBD Sprays increase the absorption surface area too, so it’s a great way to enjoy the benefits faster!

  • Ideal for digestive problems:

    CBD is said to help with many types of issue, some of which involve digestive illnesses. A CBD spray is much easier to take for this type of person than pills or soft gels, as its more tolerable for people with swallowing issues.

  • Bio-Availability:

    One of the biggest benefits of sprays however is that CBD that’s delivered this way increases the bioavailability as its delivered sublingually – which essentially is a fancy method of saying how much cannabidiol gets into the bloodstream.