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Video Blog – What is CBD?

Looking to find out more about what is CBD? How do you use CBD? And the benefits you get? 

Check out our quick and easy to watch video…


“Hi guys, in this video I’ll be explaining what CBD is & What CBD Does?”

“So, let’s start with the basics!”

What is CBD?

“Essentially, CBD is a product that’s extracted from the hemp plant, and the ‘CBD’ part is an abbreviation of the word CannaBiDiol – which is a naturally occurring element within the plant and is considered a food supplement in the UK.”

“Our CBD Oil is made from organically grown hemp plants.”

“After harvesting the CBD, cannabinoids can be removed safely from the plant and then are used in various products.”

“Once extracted, they are then infused with  MCT oil, hemp oil, olive oil, or a flavoured MCT oil to make it pleasant to the pallet and easy to ingest into the body.”

“The quality of the premium CBD oil we supply is assured thanks to the gentle, yet effective extraction process that’s used during the manufacturing process.”

“Therefore, our growers only use CO2 extraction to ensure the most potent product possible.”

“CBD based products should only be made from the best CBD Oil.”

“Our CBD is rich in active cannabidiol and other beneficial cannabinoids, terpenes and fatty acids, ensuring that our cbd products contain the full natural organic goodness of the cannabis plant.”

“So, What Does CBD do?”

“Those taking it daily report feeling calmer, getting a better quality of sleep and alleviation from a wide range of physical issues.”

“Find out more about what CBD does and can do at”

“Stay tuned for more videos as I introduce you to a wide range of CBD products that NaturallyCBD has to offer!””

Where to buy CBD Oil Online?

The best place to buy CBD oil online is from our website. We have a variety of different brands and strengths of CBD oil for sale, as well as other products that are made with cbd extract, like topical balms. On our website, you will find more information about what types of products we carry. You can also contact us anytime if you have any questions or would like to order in bulk!

We can offer you a huge range of premium CBD products including:

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